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n. aquilodinia, dolor en la región del tendón de Aquiles.
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Dixon-based MRI for assessment of muscle-fat content in phantoms, healthy volunteers and patients with achillodynia: Comparison to visual assessment of calf muscle quality.
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[7] were also the first to describe the acute tear of the CF at the attachment to the Achilles tendon, making it an attributing factor to the etiopathogenesis of achillodynia. These new findings have a significant impact in the diagnostic study of calf muscle injury and in the evaluation of their complications.
The change in force distribution can lead to secondary problems in the foot, such as a soft corn, bursitis, neuroma, stress fracture of the second or third metatarsal, transfer lesion (callous formation under the head of the second metatarsal), sesamoid degeneration, achillodynia, posterior tibial tendonitis, and arthritis.