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 (ä′chē-ō′tē, -tĕ)

[American Spanish, from Nahuatl achiotl.]
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(ˌætʃɪˈəʊtɪ; ˌætʃɪˈəʊteɪ)
(Plants) another name for annatto
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This pre-Mamom Buenavista ceramic complex also included unslipped pottery, although, at Buenavista-Nuevo San Jose, it was not always easy to distinguish it from the later Mamom Achiotes group.
Unfortunately, we were not able to distinguish well between Canhel and the Mamom type Achiotes Unslipped, so this description probably is narrower than the true range of this type at the site.
The large jars with tall necks of Canhel Unslipped, although not identified, may be present at Seibal and Altar de Sacrificios among the Achiotes Unslipped jars with similar forms ([112]: Figure 33a-g; [46]: Figure 1c; [67]), underscoring the difficulty of separating body sherds of the pre-Mamom Canhel type from the Mamom Achiotes type [67].
Buenavista-Nuevo San Jose does not have all the forms found at Tikal in the type Canhel Unslipped or in Achiotes Unslipped, probably because our sample is limited.
183 at Nixtun-Ch'ich', but she places them in Achiotes Unslipped ([69]: 266).