achromatic vision

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Noun1.achromatic vision - vision using the rodsachromatic vision - vision using the rods    
visual modality, visual sense, vision, sight - the ability to see; the visual faculty
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Do flower naive Manduca sexta sphinx moths forage using chromatic or achromatic vision to select a potential feeding source?
There is a convention in color science to consider the ability of humans and animals to differentiate 'color tones' as 'chromatic vision' and the ability to differentiate gradations of light intensity', the intensity of colors and of colorless light as well, as 'achromatic vision' (Judd & Wyszecki, 1975).
In its most extreme form (Shapley |1990~), it is argued that achromatic vision can be identified with the M pathway (via the MLGN) and chromatic vision with the P pathway (via the PLGN), but this seems highly implausible: