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Having the shape of a needle: acicular crystals.


(əˈsɪk yə lər)

a•cic`u•lar′i•ty, n.
a•cic′u•lar•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.acicular - narrow and long and pointedacicular - narrow and long and pointed; as pine leaves
unsubdivided, simple - (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions


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Once the deformation temperature increases to 1,233 K, the [beta] grain boundaries become integrated and fine acicular [alpha] precipitates within the [beta] grains.
Acicular particles possess smaller superficial area, therefore, acicular particles settle down easily than sphere particles as they possess similar quality.
Note that such heat treatment was conducted to obtain acicular structure which excels in creep resistance at high temperatures.
In the normal as cast condition, the eutectic Si particles occur as brittle acicular flakes in the microstructure.
Especially high amount of acicular ferrite (AF) in WMD is the structure that guaranties good impact toughness of welds.
En el primer informe tecnico se senala que la reivindicacion 1 menciona <<un procedimiento para modificar el habito de cristal de farmaco acicular [.
Among nanofillers, sepiolite is a low cost acicular shape clay nanoparticle with high specific surface area and excellent sorption properties, good mechanical strength and thermal stability, offering an ideal reinforcement for polymer matrices.
3) consist of globular and acicular a grains (white grains) within a matrix containing equiaxial grains a (dark grains).
Acicular cement has been identified in AMB 1 AMB 2 AMB 3A and B and AMB 4 facies (Plate 1C 2A 3B and 3C).
As we can see, the main forms of mycoliths are elongated (cylindric, acicular, etc.
Analyse Particle fits an ellipsoid to each object (void), and the three axis [major axes (a), intermediate (b) and lower (c)] of the ellipsoid are generated, which are then used to categorise the pore (b/a and c/b ratio) as: acicular-planar), acicular, planar, platy, channels, disc and spheroid, all the steps made by ImageJ software.