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n. pl. a·cic·u·lae (-lē′)
A slender, needlelike part or structure, such as a spine or bristle of certain plants and animals or a crystal of certain minerals.

[Latin, hairpin, diminutive of acus, needle; see ak- in Indo-European roots.]

a·cic′u·late (-lĭt, -lāt′), a·cic′u·lat′ed (-lā′tĭd) adj.
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The aciculated dry branches are thin and needle-shaped secondary tree branches of the Araucaria angustifolia.
angustifolia has the potential to supply forest biomass for energy production through the use of residues of the pine nut production chain (empty-seeds) and the use of the aciculated dry branches from self-pruning.
woodchips, branches from the pruning of apple trees, Araucaria angustifolia aciculated branches and nonfertilized nuts (empty-seeds).