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The univalent inorganic acid group HSO4 or a salt of sulfuric acid containing it.


(baɪˈsʌl feɪt)

a salt of sulfuric acid; an acid sulfate.
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An acid sulfate soil managed as a pasture soil was collected from south coastal Nowra, New South Wales, Australia (34[degrees]49'S, 150[degrees]39'E).
Water in the paddy field covered by acid sulfate soils having very low pH contains high amount of Al and Fe that affects rice growth.
Acid Mine Drainage, Rock Drainage, and Acid Sulfate Soils: Causes, Assessment, Prediction, Prevention, and Remediation
The objective of scientists at the University of Maine was to evaluate the effectiveness of sodium acid sulfate (SAS) dip treatments, compared to other anti-graying treatments and a control, to see how effective SAS would be in reducing after-cooking darkening in boiled Katahdin potatoes.
In the western US, decades-old EPLs have shown high levels of acid sulfate and dissolved metals.
Lopez (1992) noted that acid sulfate waters appear to be related to the north-west striking and seismically active Villamaria-Termales fault.
So, the researchers tried applying pressure at 600 MPa for 2 minutes at 20 C in the presence of some chemicals, including calcium hypochlorite, calcium hydroxide, lactic acid or sodium acid sulfate.
2006) has flagged the need to improve our understanding of wetland soils, in particular those affected by primary or secondary salinity, as there is potential for the development of inland acid sulfate soils.
This edition provides expanded coverage of the topics of soil salinity and acid sulfate soils.