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Verb1.acid-wash - wash with acid so as to achieve a bleached lookacid-wash - wash with acid so as to achieve a bleached look; "acid-wash blue jeans"
launder, wash - cleanse with a cleaning agent, such as soap, and water; "Wash the towels, please!"
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The high waist is really flattering and the acid-wash finish is catwalk approved.
* Singer Nicole Scher zinger's perfect body made her acid-wash denim dress with turtleneck look hot.
Opt for a blue, lightweight, elastic denim jean or stay true to the original aesthetics of denim with a heavier acid-wash denim jacket for an 80s-inspired look.
1 Yellow acid-wash hoodie pounds 20, khaki shorts pounds 20, flip flops pounds 6.' 2 Bright blue shirt pounds 22, pink tie pounds 10, indigo jeans pounds 35, shoes pounds 40.' 3 Red zip-up hoodie pounds 20, floral shirt pounds 22, indigo jeans pounds 35.' 4 Black jacket pounds 60, indigo jeans pounds 35.' 5 Blue polo shirt with green contrast collar pounds 10, pinstripe suit jacket pounds 80, black jeans pounds 20, belt pounds 12.' 6 Natural multipocket jacket pounds 60, white checked shirt pounds 25, brown tie pounds 7, black jeans pounds 20, shoes pounds 40.
This eliminates the need to acid-wash the filters in the lab, saving time and reducing waste disposal and reagent cost.
Hard to believe, but French fashion house Balmain has sold out of its acid-wash ripped jeans costing a ludicrous pounds 1,000!
"The fuel seized was of acid-wash type where acid was used to scrub out the colour and chemicals.
"Lyed, bleached, acid-washed, what else could have been done to it?" he joked.
The acid-washed HOS and LOS samples were labeled as HAW and LAW, respectively.
All the 80s touches are there, like shoulder pads and acid-washed denim, but this time round it's much more tasteful.