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Adj.1.acidulent - being sour to the taste
sour - having a sharp biting taste
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The packaging of the product also bears the claim "100% pure juice" in bold in the front while a perusal of the back of the bottle indicates in fine print that it contains additives in the form of sucrose and acidulent. Sucrose is a scientific name for sugar and acidulent assists in the setting of gels and acts as a preservative contradicting the claim that Fresher Juice is "100 % pure".
Citric acid is one of the most widely used additives in the food and beverage industry both as an acidulent and preservative.
These blends which are considered seasonings by consumers are different from the industrial product called seasonings, industrial seasonings contain one or more spices or spice extractive in addition to a number of other dissimilar ingredients such as acidulent, salts, sugars, monosodium glutamate, and ribonuleotides.