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moderately acid or tart; sharp; caustic: an acidulous critique
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assiduous – constant; persevering; unremitting: assiduous investigation; continuous; tireless; diligent: an assiduous pursuit of perfection


Slightly sour in taste or in manner.

[From Latin acidulus, diminutive of acidus, sour; see acid.]


(əˈsɪdjʊləs) or


1. rather sour
2. sharp or sour in speech, manner, etc; acid
[C18: from Latin acidulus sourish, diminutive of acidus sour]


(əˈsɪdʒ ə ləs)

also a•cid•u•lent


1. slightly sour.
2. sharp; caustic: acidulous criticism.
3. moderately acid or tart; subacid.
[1760–70; < Latin acidulus. See acid, -ulous]
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Adj.1.acidulous - being sour to the taste
sour - having a sharp biting taste


Having a taste characteristic of that produced by acids:


[əˈsɪdjʊləs] ADJacídulo
References in classic literature ?
He had to be careful, for he was very sensitive to ridicule; and the acidulous humour with which the American treated the Church of England disconcerted him.
Castoriadis has conducted an acidulous critique on Lacan, starting from the understanding of imaginary which in Castoriadis is broader as related to representation.
The voice of Saul Bellow rises above this crowd in its hard-grieving and acidulous verve.
TASS A Fringe on a hat B Drinking-cup C Acidulous who am I?
In that respect, they are reminiscent of the viewpoint of Lincoln's own elite bureaucratic contemporaries-the acidulous Adam Gurowski, the unsatisfiable Wendell Phillips, the ambitious Salmon Chase--who could not imagine how someone as gauche and uncertified as Abraham Lincoln could possibly pilot the country through the shoals of chaos.
Liebeck's tone isn't sumptuous, and tended to take on an acidulous edge under pressure, but his slightly wiry sound suited a vigorous approach in which Sibelius's demanding passages were skilfully negotiated.
It is hardly simplistic--"irritable mental gestures which seek to resemble ideas," in Trilling's acidulous formulation.
The chosen value of concentration allows to estimate the efficiency of received sorbents to remove of iron ions from acidulous industrial wastes.
When used as condiments, these fruits have a pleasing acidulous flavor reminiscent of citrus, which is suitable for direct consumption or use in salads, fish, and meat dishes as well as juices and other beverages (WHALEN et al., 1981).
Some day I will surprise him by walking into his office with a faint, acidulous, sardonical smile.
(1272) There is something acerbic or, as Costello earlier describes herself at this stage of life, "acidulous" in the character's literary assessment, and also something that seems, on the evidence of the African work presented in the anthology, misdirected, wrong.
"Insider publishing stuff delivered with acidulous wit." BARBARA HOFFERT