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Slightly sour in taste or in manner.

[From Latin acidulus, diminutive of acidus, sour; see acid.]


(əˈsɪdjʊləs) or


1. rather sour
2. sharp or sour in speech, manner, etc; acid
[C18: from Latin acidulus sourish, diminutive of acidus sour]


(əˈsɪdʒ ə ləs)

also a•cid•u•lent


1. slightly sour.
2. sharp; caustic: acidulous criticism.
3. moderately acid or tart; subacid.
[1760–70; < Latin acidulus. See acid, -ulous]
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Adj.1.acidulous - being sour to the taste
sour - having a sharp biting taste


Having a taste characteristic of that produced by acids:


[əˈsɪdjʊləs] ADJacídulo
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Similarly, Volkov presents Theodor Lessing as having been contemptuous only of Eastern Jews, when his most notorious, most acidulously anti-Jewish polemics targeted his fellow acculturated literati.
As Mark Twain acidulously remarked, "A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read.
I first hold the volume upside down and give its fanned-out pages a good ruffle, as if I were shaking fruit from a tree: out will fall toothpicks and hairpins, calling cards and bits of scrap paper, the well-pressed envelope for a stick of Doublemint gum, a carefully folded obituary of the book's author, the newsprint having acidulously shadowed its containing pages, or, now and then, a message, interred in the text, as I had flutter from a volume once owned by Arthur Holly Compton (and sold to me by the library of his own university).