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shaped like a bunch of grapes
[C19: from New Latin aciniformis; see acinus]


(əˈsɪn əˌfɔrm)

clustered like grapes.
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Spidroins have been classified into seven categories according to their protein sequences and functions; these categories include aciniform silk for wrapping prey (and tying down partners for mating); and the super-strong major ampullate silk from which spiders (and Spider-Man) swing while at work.
For instance, aciniform silk is used by spiders to wrap their prey or to tie down their partners while they mate, and major ampullate silk make the super-strong strands on which spiders swing while they move about.
28); PMS with three large cylindrical gland spigots, one small minor ampullate gland spigot and one aciniform gland spigot (Fig.
Carbon blacks are characterized by their aciniform morphology or grape-like structure comprised of particles fused together as rigid structures termed aggregates.
They wrap these freshly caught snacks in another silk, called aciniform silk.
The sheet is probably made of silk from the linearly arranged brush of posterior lateral spinneret aciniform gland spigots (Hormiga et al.