acne vulgaris

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Noun1.acne vulgaris - the most common form of acneacne vulgaris - the most common form of acne; usually affects people from puberty to young adulthood
acne - an inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin; characterized by papules or pustules or comedones
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Shares of drug giant Allergan (AGN) are trading higher after acne competitor Dermira (DERM ), a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the treatment dermatologic diseases, announced that its investigational treatment for acne olumacostat glasaretil did not meet the co-primary endpoints in its two Phase 3 pivotal trial in patients ages nine years and older with moderate-to-severe acne vulgaris.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 29, 2018-Perrigo passes US FDA's tentative approval for generic onexton acne vulgaris gel
M2 PHARMA-January 29, 2018-Perrigo passes US FDA's tentative approval for generic onexton acne vulgaris gel
Acne vulgaris is a disorder of the pilosebaceous unit that affects areas with a high density of sebaceous glands, i.
Melinta Therapeutics, a privately held commercial-stage company developing and commercializing novel antibiotics to treat serious bacterial infections, announced today that a Phase 1 clinical study of topical radezolid for the treatment of mild-to-moderate acne vulgaris has been successfully completed.
Guidelines of care for the management of acne vulgaris.
Acne vulgaris is one of the ten most common diseases worldwide, affecting all ethnicities and race.
However, authors of a recent systematic review reported that there is minimal evidence from clinical trials to support the use of spironolactone to treat acne vulgaris.
Objective: To evaluate the clinical characteristics and epidermal barrier function of papulopustular rosacea by comparing with acne vulgaris.
Acne vulgaris, a multifactorial disease, is one of the most common dermatological conditions that is encountered in clinical practice and affecting upto 80% adolescents and young adults at some stage.
Global Markets Direct's, 'Acne Vulgaris - Pipeline Review, H1 2016', provides an overview of the Acne Vulgaris pipeline landscape.