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Adj.1.acorn-shaped - shaped like an acorn
formed - having or given a form or shape
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In preparation for a 3,000-mile race across six countries, he recently pedalled for 24 hours around an acorn-shaped track across the West Midlands.
"Foreign elements were found in 64.7 percent of the ingot-shaped samples and in 30.2 percent of the acorn-shaped samples," researchers said.
skyscraper-sized asteroid, a rocky acorn-shaped object that may hold
In short, Scrat is God in this film -- but a sweetly incompetent God, setting the plot in motion without even meaning to, blundering prehistory into being while in pursuit of his acorn-shaped focus.
Saijo bears small to medium acorn-shaped fruits with a rich sweet flavor, and it is considered a gourmet variety in Japan and one of the oldest.
Of the two Japanese types that dominate the market, the acorn-shaped Hachiya is most common.
Boeing's acorn-shaped space capsule is called the Crew Space Transportation-100, or CST-100 for short, and designed to carry up to seven passengers or a mix of crew and cargo to the space station, which circles the planet in low-Earth orbit.
EAST BROOKFIELD -- The final touch to the major improvement project on the banks of Lake Lashaway at Route 9 will soon be the installation of six antique, acorn-shaped lights.
Instead, museumgoers find children--and adults--riding the Coaster Roller (below), a small platform that offers a surprisingly smooth ride over acorn-shaped balls.
Taxus baccata is a bright pink cylindrical flower with a huge acorn-shaped seed contains two compounds: baccatin III and deacetil-baccantin III, which are chemical precursors used to produce ovarian cancer treatments.
After some experimentation with bullet configuration, the final cartridge (Model 1855) evolved into a load containing (rear to front) a 75-grain black-powder charge, priming compound set in the base of a tightly wrapped paper sabot and an odd 500-grain, acorn-shaped bullet secured within a dished-out portion at the front of the sabot.
Crisp, squat Fuyus and squishy, acorn-shaped Hachiyas are the most common types you'll see in the market.