acoustic wave

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Noun1.acoustic wave - (acoustics) a wave that transmits soundacoustic wave - (acoustics) a wave that transmits sound
acoustics - the study of the physical properties of sound
undulation, wave - (physics) a movement up and down or back and forth
air wave - a sound wave that is transmitted via air
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NanoVibronix, a medical device company that produces the PainShield surface acoustic wave device, announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with ProTrade Systems, a medical equipment distributor in the U.S.
The session will cover topics including the use of Raman spectroscopy and bulk acoustic wave sensors in clinical diagnostics.
The Ukrainian authors analyze classical acoustic wave problems with an ideal compressible fluid model of media that takes into account the processes of generation, sound propagation, and interaction with obstacles.
company has sold embedded semiconductor chips including bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filter, surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter, Gallium Nitride (GaN) RF chip and RF front-end module (FEM).
Under Nenov's leadership, the company expects to expand the ISN platform to include not only Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) and Temperature Compensated-SAW (TC-SAW) capabilities, but also the ability to rapidly develop Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) solutions, complicated RF front-end module designs, filter matching, and system test solutions.
The pump light suffers an inelastic collision and some of its photon energy is transferred to the acoustic wave; energy conservation requires [[omega].sub.L] = [[omega].sub.S] + [[omega]], where [[omega].sub.L] is the pump laser frequency, [[omega].sub.S] the frequency of the down-shifted scattered light, and [[omega]] the frequency of the acoustic wave.
An acoustic wave may be greatly affected by factors such as mean flow, convection, refraction in shear, coupling with vorticity, and scattering by turbulence.
The radius of the acoustic black hole depends on the wavelength and of the oscillation amplitude of the acoustic wave packet.
In Section 2, we derive the frequency equation of the surface acoustic wave velocities propagating in the SAW device sensor.
Vectron is in the design, manufacture and marketing of frequency control, sensor and hybrid solutions using the very latest techniques in both bulk acoustic wave and surface acoustic wave -based designs from DC to microwave frequencies.
Various methods that can recognize human touch and control vehicle systems using an acoustic wave have been recently introduced.
RF360 Holdings will have a comprehensive set of filters and filter technologies, including surface acoustic wave (SAW), temperature-compensated surface acoustic wave (TC-SAW) and bulk acoustic wave (BAW), to support the wide range of frequency bands being deployed in networks across the globe.