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Disposed or willing to acquiesce.

ac′qui·es′cent·ly adv.
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Letterblair looked at him from under enquiring eyebrows, and the young man, aware of the uselessness of trying to explain what was in his mind, bowed acquiescently while his senior continued: "Divorce is always unpleasant."
Because of the probability distribution being acquiescently normalized to 1, the coefficient obeys the normalization condition of [SIGMA] [w.sub.i] = 1.
That is, if Congress passes a CRA resolution nullifying a regulation and the relevant agency acquiescently declines to resurrect the rule, a pro-regulatory party might sue to try to force the agency to act.
They comply acquiescently when confronted with inconsistent demands in the Third Reich: from a doe [Weibchen] at the stove that is supposed to give birth to sons for the Fuhrer, to a BDM leader, munitions worker or even concentration camp overseer." (26)
Eventually, because of their low self-efficacy to make change, individuals do not share their work-related concerns and remain acquiescently silent.