acquired character

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acquired character

A change of function or structure in an organism made in response to the environment. Also called acquired characteristic.
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acquired′ char′acter

a noninheritable trait that results from certain environmental influences.
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If it could be shown that our domestic varieties manifested a strong tendency to reversion,--that is, to lose their acquired characters, whilst kept under unchanged conditions, and whilst kept in a considerable body, so that free intercrossing might check, by blending together, any slight deviations of structure, in such case, I grant that we could deduce nothing from domestic varieties in regard to species.
When I think about how important these skills are for my students, I feel, in the end, that maybe I'm not such a bad person and shouldn't be all that ashamed of my newly acquired character flaws.
Perhaps Ehud Olmert is also serious about seeking a solution that guarantees him a political legacy, but the Israeli prime minister is mostly guided by his innate rather than by his acquired character. He refers to a discontinuation in the building of settlements, withdrawal from the occupied territories, and withdrawal from 'some' neighborhoods in east Jerusalem.

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