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A thin skin or film, such as an organic membrane or liquid film.

[French, from Latin pellicula, husk, diminutive of pellis, skin; see pel- in Indo-European roots.]

pel·lic′u·lar (pə-lĭk′yə-lər) adj.
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1. a thin skin or film
2. (Zoology) the hard protective outer layer of certain protozoans, such as those of the genus Paramecium
3. (Botany) botany
a. the thin outer layer of a mushroom cap
b. a growth on the surface of a liquid culture
4. (Photography) photog the thin layer of emulsion covering a plate, film, or paper
[C16: via French from Latin pellicula, from pellis skin]
pellicular adj
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(ˈpɛl ɪ kəl)

a thin skin or membrane; film; scum.
[1535–45; < Latin pellicula=pelli(s) skin + -cula -cle1]
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The fine “skin” that forms when oil paint dries.
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Noun1.pellicle - thin protective membrane in some protozoa
investment - outer layer or covering of an organ or part or organism
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nFilm m; (Zool: = membrane) → Pellicula f
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mutans (first 2 h following attachment) represent 60 to 80% of all primary colonizers that have different bacterial adhesins responsible for adhesion to the acquired pellicle. Quorum sensing is mediated by a competence stimulating peptide released upon exposure to low pH, posteriorly initiating a coordinated protective response [3].
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Influence of soft drinks on the thickness and morphology of in situ acquired pellicle layer on enamel.
It adheres to a proteinous layer, the acquired pellicle, already present on the enamel.

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