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1. Characterized by a strong desire to gain and possess.
2. Tending to acquire and retain ideas or information: an acquisitive mind.

ac·quis′i·tive·ly adv.
ac·quis′i·tive·ness n.
ac·quis′i·tor (-tər) n.
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Growing acquisitively allowed us to grow quickly, which was a key part of the strategy.
More recent behavioral studies in economics complicate the idea that individuals act rationally, acquisitively, or consistently.
" He added: "We see a number of exciting ways to ga ow the business organically and acquisitively both here in the UK and overseas."
By contrast, England's King Henry VII is portrayed as war-mongering and acquisitively 'industrious in finding pretences to augment his treasures'.
Girard has elucidated the mimetic, indeed acquisitively mimetic and potentially violent, character of a great deal of human desire.
Despite the problems with the Government contract, Mr Parish said he had been absolutely delighted with the growth shown by the company, and expected to see further expansion in the near future, both organically and acquisitively.
In the future, York will look to also grow acquisitively by remaining active in the search for the right add-on acquisitions to this business."
"We have managed to grow the business organically by 27% and acquisitively by 26%.