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1. Characterized by a strong desire to gain and possess.
2. Tending to acquire and retain ideas or information: an acquisitive mind.

ac·quis′i·tive·ly adv.
ac·quis′i·tive·ness n.
ac·quis′i·tor (-tər) n.


a person who has a tendency to acquire (information or ideas), or a desire to possess
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But another company that has been described as a potential acquisitor is Apple, which bought its way into streaming music with its Beats purchase.
Research by MacFarlane identifies traits of academics who are intellectual leaders: role model, mentor, advocate, guardian, acquisitor, and ambassador.
Intellectuals' ideas spread through trade, which in turn leads to acquisitor societies.
He was once described by The Wall Street Journal as the "tiger of rare book librarians'' and nicknamed the "Grand Acquisitor.
Multi-Color Corporation (MCC), the most active acquisitor in the label industry, will soon own an established converting company in Poland.
The board of Tinopolis, which listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2005 after a reverse takeover of shell company Acquisitor, is recommending a 45p-a-share cash offer from private equity consortium Vitruvian Partners - which is behind takeover vehicle Bidco.
Either company could be the acquisitor, but Katz would be the more likely initiator.
Max, as an economic acquisitor, uses wealth as an instrument of seduction.
Thus, two components of the present radar (analyzer and visualizer) are replaced by a modern module composed by three components: acquisitor, analyzer and visualizer.
Serial acquisitor Wolseley has announced the purchase of another six companies for pounds 27 million.
However, the stores do not perform as well as its competitors and there is increasing speculation of a possible takeover--with the Lotte Group usually named as the primary possible acquisitor.
Duncan Soukup of major shareholder Acquisitor Holdings announced that he has rejected the offer of a seat on the board.