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Noun1.acre inch - one twelfth of an acre-foot
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Time Needed to Apply Water Hours needed to apply an acre inch of water to a vineyard with 1 gallon per hour emitters installed for each vine: Vine spacing in feet (Row Vines per acre and Number of hours to width by vine distance in gallons used per hour apply an acre inch row) (Fitted with l gph emitter per vine) 8 x 5 1,089 25 8 x 6 907 30 9 x 5 968 28 9 x 6 806 34 10 x 5 871 31 10 x 6 726 37 8 x 12 453 60 An acre foot is the amount of water that covers an acre of ground, which is 325,851 gallons.
[w.sub.4] = Price of irrigation water per acre inch;
* An acre inch of green forage contains about 150 pounds of dry matter.
The characteristics include amongst others the following: size of arable land in acres; farmers' age in years; number of years of formal education; gender, marital status; membership of farmers' associations; farming experience in years; inputs used in production process like irrigation water in acre inches; Nutrients kg per acre; Cash inputs (land preparation cost (tillage, ploughing, planking, pesticide and hoeing cost, seed cost (Rs.
For entire period of growth, 13 acre inches irrigation water was used.