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 (ăk′rə-flā′vēn′, -vĭn)
A brown or orange powder, C14H14N3Cl, derived from acridine and formerly used as a topical antiseptic.

[Blend of acridine and flavin.]


(ˌækrɪˈfleɪvɪn; -viːn) or


(Pharmacology) a brownish or orange-red powder used in medicine as an antiseptic and disinfectant. Formula: C14H14N3Cl
[C20: from acridine + flavin]


(ˌæk rəˈfleɪ vɪn, -vin)

an orange-brown, granular solid, C14H14N3Cl, formerly used as an antiseptic.
[1915–20; acri(dine) + flavin]
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(6,7) NorA is able to export a variety of structurally unrelated drugs, such as fluoroquinolones, ethidium bromide, cetrimide, benzalkonium chloride, tetraphenylphosphonium bromide, and acriflavine. (8) Indoles are one of the reported classes of NorA inhibitors, (9) for example, 5-nitro-2-phenylindole, which characterizes a promising lead structure able to produce a 4-fold increase in S.
NorA is responsible to export a many type of drugs and chemical substance, such as ethidium bromide, fluoroquinolones, benzalkonium chloride, cetrimide, acriflavine and tetraphenylphosphonium bromide (4).
Our group analyzed the effect of acriflavine, an intercalating drug, and berenil, a minor-groove binding agent, on the T.
and Nalidixic acid Cefotetan 2 Gram-positive strains 10 Acriflavine 5 Listeria monocytogenes Fosfomycin 10 400 (CH) Moxalactam 15 Listeria spp.
A loopful each of the half- and full-strength Fraser broths were plated on the chromogenic Listeria agar Ottaviani and Agosti (ALOA agar) (Merck[TM], Germany) and polymyxin acriflavine lithium chloride ceftazidime aesculin mannitol (PALCAM) agar (Merck[TM], Germany), and the plates were incubated at 37[degrees]C for 24-48 h.
Initially acridine analogs were clinically utilized as antimicrobials and antimalarial agent in early and middle nineteen century in which amino derivatives of acridine mainly acriflavine, trypaflavin, gonoflavin and proflavine were mostly used, later quinacrine was used as antiseptics in hospitals till the discovery of penicillins as antibiotic agents [32].
The synthesized parent complex of Na[Ni[([L.sub.1]).sub.3]] and the cadmium aspartato complex also lacked antibacterial activity but had similar moderate antifungal activity to acriflavine (Table 3).
Inhibition of HIF-1[alpha]ctivity by either anthracycline chemotherapy or acriflavine is known to prevent tumor vascularization in in vivo studies, suggesting that HIF-1 role is critical in tumor angiogenesis [47,48].
Lim et al.(38) reported perioral and mucosal edema caused by contact allergy to proflavine (an antiseptic) in an acriflavine (a proflavine derivative) mouthwash.
Effect of formalin, acriflavine and glutaraldehyde on disinfecting and hatching of the bullseye puffer fish Sphoeroides annulatus.
Two hydrophilic fluorescent dyes of different families, namely, trypaflavine (acriflavine chloride) and eosin Y, were used in our experiments [30].