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Noun1.acrobatic feat - a stunt performed by an acrobatacrobatic feat - a stunt performed by an acrobat  
stunt - a difficult or unusual or dangerous feat; usually done to gain attention
acrobatics, tumbling - the gymnastic moves of an acrobat
backbend - an acrobatic feat in which the trunk is bent backward from a standing position until the hands touch the floor
back circle - a feat in which an acrobat arches the back from a prone position and bends the knees until the toes touch the head
walkover - backbends combined with handstands
cartwheel - acrobatic revolutions with the body turned sideways and the arms and legs outstretched like the spokes of a wheel
handspring - an acrobatic feat in which a person goes from a standing position to a handstand and back again
headstand - an acrobatic feat in which a person balances on the head (usually with the help of the hands)
tumble - an acrobatic feat of rolling or turning end over end
split - extending the legs at right angles to the trunk (one in front and the other in back)
References in classic literature ?
All about me giant grasshoppers, twice as big as any I had ever seen, were doing acrobatic feats among the dried vines.
Good my lord, in acrobatic feats, in practice with the dumb-bells, in balancing and ground and lofty tumbling are we versed--and sith your highness asketh me, I venture here to publish that in the truly marvelous and entertaining Zampillaerostation--"
The government sought to keep this acrobatic feat even though reality on the ground clearly indicated that any strategic rapprochement with a side would be at the expense of the other.
Summary: A daredevil nicknamed 'Jetman' has performed a spectacular mid-air acrobatic feat involving a hot-air balloon and a jet-propelled wing.
The ability to measure many toxic agents in extremely small specimens is not merely an acrobatic feat of technical virtuosity but in fact critical," Jackson says--otherwise, actual exposures may go undetected.
Office manager Stuart David, 35, was showing off to friends when he attempted the acrobatic feat, an inquest heard yesterday.
His opera star friend then risks his position by making a strong protest on Wang's behalf, and at the end Doggie performs a perilous acrobatic feat that softens the hearts of the authorities.
Only that companies must either have the policy in hand, or prove that it once existed - an acrobatic feat at best, considering most companies' poor record-keeping.
BREAK dancer Leeroy Bailey has been officially named in the Guinness Book of World Records for a spectacular acrobatic feat.
The troupe, which is a part of the air- borne force of the Russian Federation, was here at the Kamani Auditorium on Saturday evening, regaling and transporting the audience through an hour- long musical and acrobatic feat, complete in military fatigues and combat boots.
Local TV ratings skyrocket on nights Willis pitches, and never mind his painfully smooth delivery; Willis' most acrobatic feat yet was luring more than 9,000 walk-up fans to moribund Pro Player Stadium for a recent start.
From Hamish McCann, who performed incredible acrobatic feats while smoking a pipe and wearing a bowler hat, to Mario, Queen of the Circus, who juggled and hula-hooped while belting out Queen classics - their versatility was amazing.