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n. pl. ox·y·ceph·a·lies
A congenital abnormality of the skull in which the top of the head assumes a conical or pointed shape. Also called acrocephaly.

[From Greek oxukephalos, sharp-headed : oxus, sharp; see oxygen + -kephalos, -cephalous.]

ox′y·ce·phal′ic (-sə-făl′ĭk), ox′y·ceph′a·lous adj.
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(Pathology) pathol the condition of having a conical skull
[C20: from Greek oxus sharp + -cephaly]
oxycephalic, ˌoxyˈcephalous adj
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acrocephaly. — oxycephalic, oxycephalous, adj.
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Noun1.oxycephaly - a congenital abnormality of the skulloxycephaly - a congenital abnormality of the skull; the top of the skull assumes a cone shape
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