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Glycerol produces the toxin acrolein, though the levels produced are lower than conventional cigarettes.
In addition, acrolein and furfural may be released to the environment and contaminate grapes during incomplete combustion processes (petrochemical fuels, wood, cigarette smoking among others) (KENNISON et al., 2007; BURCHAM, 2017).
did not find any association between P[M.SUP.3]5, acrolein, formaldehyde, or carbon monoxide exposure and lung function [38].
The Group 2B carcinogen acetaldehyde was found alongside acrolein and carbon monoxide.
The initial treatment protocol for this patient's ALL included cyclophosphamide, which is metabolized to acrolein, a known urotoxin associated with hemorrhagic cystitis and bladder cancer.
For example, positive associations of propionaldehyde with ASD persisted following adjustment for traffic-related air toxics like acrolein, ethyl benzene, xylenes, and diesel particulate matter.
However, in the case of large consumption of alcohol, not only acetaldehyde can be accumulated but also acrolein through oxidation of lipid can be increased in liver.
For this reason, we have developed a new method (referred to hereafter as the LTC method), which include other oxygenated hydrocarbon species that may be present during the LTC, such as acrolein (C[H.sub.2]CHCHO) and carboxylic acids.
The other HAPs in the plywood composite wood products and Maximum Achievable Controlled Technology standards that would be of concern at the dryers and presses include acetaldehyde, acrolein, phenol, and propanal.
The major components for this resin are phthalic anhydride and 2-propenal (acrolein).
The neurotoxin, called acrolein, is produced within the body after nerve cells are damaged, increasing pain and triggering a cascade of biochemical events thought to worsen the injury's severity.