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n. pl. a·cro·mi·a (mē-ə)
The outer end of the scapula to which the collarbone is attached.

[New Latin acrōmion, from Greek akrōmion : akros, extreme; see ak- in Indo-European roots + ōmos, shoulder.]

a·cro′mi·al adj.
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relating to the acromion
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a. acromial, rel. al acromion;
___ bonehueso ___;
___ processproceso ___;
___ reflexreflejo ___.
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(A) ROM-42051 left hyoid bone in dorsal view; (B-C) ROM-42062 left humerus in right and left lateral views respectively; (D-E) ROM-42061 left radius in dorsal and ventral views respectively; (F-G) ROM-42036 left ulna in dorsal and ventral views respectively; (H-I) ROM-42046 left acromial and scapula in ventral and proximal views respectively; (J-K) ROM-42041 left femur in right and left lateral views; (L-M) ROM-42039 left tibia in ventral and dorsal views; (N-O) ROM-42038 left ilium in lateral and medial views; (P-Q) ROM-42033 right ischium in dorsal and ventral views.
Sub acromial impingement syndrome (SIS) is the most common disorder of the shoulder, accounting for 44%-65% of all complaints of shoulder pain during a physician's office visit [1].
- Triciptal: face posterior do braco no ponto medio entre o processo acromial da escapula e o processo do olecrano da ulna.
The lower border of the crest of the spine becomes continuous with the lateral border of the acromion at the acromial angle.
Other, less common, but highly specific chest wall fractures in NAT include acromial fractures, with a prevalence of roughly 5% among abused children (Figure 11B).
At the transition to the acromial end of the clavicle, accurate maneuvering of the tip of the nail was done under image intensifier control to avoid perforation of the curved thin dorsal cortex; thus, after reaching the end position, the nail was cut close to the entry point to minimize soft-tissue irritation, at the same time leaving sufficient protruding end for extraction later [Figure 4].
A stick ruler was set at the patient's acromial height and fixed on the wall, with the patient seated comfortably on a stool.
Feet width was individually standardized as the distance equal to half the shoulder width between the acromial processes and marked on the platform to ensure the same foot position for both conditions.
Acromial fractures are a rare entity, especially when they are open.
A dobra cutanea tricipital (DCT) foi medida com o avaliador atras do sujeito a ser avaliado, posicionando a pinca do plicometro verticalmente ao eixo longitudinal do ponto medio entre o processo acromial da escapula e o processo do olecrano da ulna (Petroski, 2011).