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1. A word formed by combining the initial letters of a multipart name, such as NATO from North Atlantic Treaty Organization or by combining the initial letters or parts of a series of words, such as radar from radio detecting and ranging.
2. Usage Problem An initialism.

ac′ro·nym′ic, a·cron′y·mous (ə-krŏn′ə-məs) adj.
Usage Note: In strict usage, the term acronym refers to a word made from the initial letters or parts of other words, such as sonar from so(und) na(vigation and) r(anging). The distinguishing feature of an acronym is that it is pronounced as if it were a single word, in the manner of NATO and NASA. Acronyms are often distinguished from initialisms like FBI and NIH, whose individual letters are pronounced as separate syllables. While observing this distinction has some virtue in precision, it may be lost on many people, for whom the term acronym refers to both kinds of abbreviations.
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Adj.1.acronymic - characterized by the use of acronymsacronymic - characterized by the use of acronyms
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Yes, while you were busy with other mundane matters, such as supporting a family and paying bills, the pervert lobby expanded its ranks by adding the "Queer" and "Intersex" designations to their acronymic banner.
Other types of acronymic formations can be further distinguished, as the following list clearly documents:
How Reason Almost Lost Its Mind unpacks the ideas of an elite echelon of Cold War thinkers, the "action intellectuals" working in the hard and social sciences who circulated through universities, an alphabet soup of acronymic think tanks, government, and the mainstream press.
T]hese programs," he writes of the acronymic collection of interventions cited above, "prevented the financial system from seizing up and helped to keep credit flowing.
Regional Integration Initiatives Country Countries members Acronymic Latin American Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, LAIA integration Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Association Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Cuba y Panama Economic Australia, Brunei Darussalam, APEC Cooperation Canada, Chile, China (People's Forum Republic), South Korea, USA, Asia-Pacific Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam.
Besides defending the results of market-cap-weighted indexes -- "it is where buyer and seller voluntarily agree on price" -- Dickson also offered an unflattering acronymic definition of smart beta: "Silly Moniker for Active Rules-based Trading.
That song's refrain of "sending out an SOS" seems to echo Lonergan's Web collage brb, 2008, made from merely two elements: the lowercase letters of its acronymic title, scrolling right to left, placed over an embedded, looping sound file of what one at first assumes to be the Morse-code distress signal (three short, three long, three short), but upon careful listening discovers to spell out "brb" (one long, three short; one short, one long, one short; and one long, three short).
Last August I took a semi-serious look at the acronymic National and International insurance regulatory agencies, institutions and forces of nature ("Late Summer Delights: Fishing for Acronyms," IA, August 19, 2013), with a somewhat jaundiced view of how these paragons of regulatory expertise may affect
In doing this, the article will portray the strategies these authors have employed to subvert the status quo despite the constraints of patriarchy and thus symbolically lifting the woman from the scourge of what may be called the acronymic D'S--debasement, degradation and dehumanization--to fulfilling existence.
Fu focuses on the work of SKY Lee, Larissa Lai, Lydia Kwa, and Evelyn Lau (the capitalized first name of Lee is an acronymic rendition of her given names--Sharon Kwan Ying-- which is how the author is referred to).
All of that interpretation generally happens in the very beginning of the rule-making process, which is called the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, or, in the acronymic parlance of the federal bureaucracy, NPRM.
Formed in 1998, BRMC - named after the gang in Marlon Brando flick The Wild One - burst on to the secen three years later with their acronymic and anachronistic debut and they've had somewhat mixed fortunes since then, slipping off the radar a little and losing a few members along the way.