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Of or relating to the development or maturation of tissues or organs or the movement of substances, such as hormones, from the base toward the apex.

a·crop′e·tal·ly adv.


in an upward direction, towards the apex
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After its application, the systemic fungicide penetrates into the plant and migrates acropetally even into the parts of the plant not reached by the application (Stubler et al.
In this context, Sell (1980) suggested that the enrichment axes flower basipetally while the inflorescence branches develop acropetally.
As apparent from the Figures, the total number of central and peripheral vascular bundles declined acropetally from the peduncle to the rachis till it attained minimum values of 4 and 12 respectively at the internode below the terminal spikelet.
Internode lengths increased acropetally for both cultivars, with the steepest increase between the second and apical phytomers.
Thus, its enrichment zone is made up of paracladia which repeat the acropetally following synfiorescence (Fig.
Photosynthate may travel acropetally from parent to offspring, but not in reverse (similar to a previous model of translocation; Caraco and Kelly 1991).