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n. acropustulosis, erupciones pustulares de las manos y de los pies; forma de psoriasis;
infantile ______ infantil.
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Acropustulosis of infancy is now believed to affect all races equally.
No doubt that scabies is comparatively more common as compared to infantile acropustulosis but yet scabies must not be considered as an absolute diagnosis for a patient presenting with an itchy rash particularly on soles.
We report a similar rash in an infant who was repeatedly treated as scabies but in the end turned out to have an uncommon underlying diagnosis of Infantile Acropustulosis.
Infantile Acropustulosis usually has itchy vesiculopustules mainly on the distal extremities3.
However, among pustular diseases, Infantile acropustulosis is not very common6.
The duration of persistence of infantile acropustulosis is about two years9,10.
Although infantile acropustulosis responds well to sulphones like dapsone12 but due to its potential side effects, the exact treatment still remains controversial13.
Infantile acropustulosis may clears spontaneously but also often relapses in succeeding few weeks6.
En un neonato con alteraciones del tejido graso deben considerarse como diagnosticos diferenciales: el eritema toxico del recien nacido, la melanosis pustulosa neonatal transitoria, el acne neonatal, la milia y miliaria, acropustulosis del lactante, foliculitis pustulosa eosinofilica, esclerema neonatorum y necrosis de la grasa subcutanea, entre otros.
Nail changes in pustular psoriasis and acropustulosis closely resemble the grosser changes described under psoriasis and perhaps that they are all variants of the same process.
Are eosinophilic pustular folliculitis of infancy and infantile acropustulosis the same entity?