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, acroscleroderma
n. acroesclerosis, tipo de esclerosis con manifestación de atrofia del tejido suave de los pies y las manos.
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Many years ago but with a small number of patients, we noted that the limited subgroup could be, indeed, separated clinically as Barnett had suggested according to skin involvement into patients with "only fingers," which we proposed to call CREST, and those with skin distal to elbows and knees but proximal to MCP or MTP joints, which we proposed to call CREAT (A instead of S for acrosclerosis) [13].
Complications Antiphospholipids Fisher's test (number of cases) Present Absent p Stellate scars 16 4 0.89 Dysphagia 17 3 0.72 Ulcerations 17 1 0.34 Pulmonary hypertension 13 0 0.17 Pulmonary fibrosis 7 1 0.51 Acrosclerosis 6 2 0.30 Raynaud's phenomenon 22 8 0.26 Venous thrombosis 3 1 0.20 Discussion
The Alarcon-Segovia criteria--largely regarded as the best diagnostic tool for MCTD (65,66)--include i serologic finding (elevated anti-U1-RNP triter [greater than or equal to] 1:1600]) and 5 clinical findings (RP, edema of the hands, synovitis, myositis, and acrosclerosis).