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Adj.1.acroscopic - facing or on the side toward the apexacroscopic - facing or on the side toward the apex
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
basiscopic - facing or on the side toward the base
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However, the development of new leaves from material collected for cultivation, showed basal pinnae bearing acroscopic segments, so it was clearly another entity.
This very distinct species has narrowly deltate pinnae that are pubescent abaxially (long brown hairs) with a small auricle on the acroscopic side.
0 mm, (7)10-14(20) pairs, linear, ascending, the bases adnate, the apices rounded to acute, the pinna margins crenate or minutely notched on smaller pinnae, the basal pinnae sometimes with a basal constriction caused by the acroscopic and basiscopic margins folding toward the abaxial side, the acroscopic margin provided with a dark sunken nectary, at least on basal pinnae; adaxial lamina surfaces glabrous, hydathodes present, sunken, not white-encrusted; abaxial lamina surfaces densely scaly, the scales 0.
Fertile fronds to 80 cm long; lamina to 30 cm long, pentagonal, pedate to usually deeply 5-lobed, with 3-5 pairs of pinnae/segments, slightly ascending; apices acute to acuminate; sterile tips conspicuous, up to 1 cm long, with crenate to serrate margin; basal pinnae/segments pinnatifid to deeply pinnatilobed, asymmetric, the basiscopic side being more developed and more dissected than the acroscopic side, broadly surcurrent; distal pinnae/segments predominantly lanceolate, rarely lobed, broadly sursumcurrent; inter-pinnae sinus inconspicuous to broad, rounded; apex of the lamina long-acuminate, tapering.
7 cm, the basal acroscopic in each pinna overlapping the primary rachis, the apical one always the largest, ca.