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A caplike structure at the anterior end of a spermatozoon that produces enzymes aiding in egg penetration.

ac′ro·so′mal (-sō′məl) adj.
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relating to the acrosome
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Para ello se evaluo el patron de union y distribucion de los espermatozoides a la ZP mediante Microscopia Electronica de Barrido (MEB) y el estado acrosomal mediante microscopia de fluorescencia.
Non- significant results of percentage spermatozoa motility viability acrosomal integrity PMI and lipid peroxidation may be correlated to the fact that L- cysteine is a water soluble antioxidant and due to this characteristic do not bind properly to plasma membrane (Khalifa et al.
Hyaluronic acid binding by human sperm indicates cellular maturity, viability, and un-reacted acrosomal status.
This result showed that L-carnitine supplementation in freezing extender could not protect cat cryopreserved epididymal spermatozoa against acrosomal damage.
WGA detects GlcNac residues on the glycocalyx located on the acrosomal membrane surface.
The great amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids found in H2 samples could be related to the loss of acrosomal integrity.
It was demonstrated in the abalone that the sperm acrosomal lysin binds to the vitelline envelop receptor and creates a hole through which sperm could pass and fuse with the egg cell membrane, and this occurs by a nonenzymatic species-specific mechanism (Lewis et al.
ZP3 is believed to mediate the initial binding of sperm and the acrosome reaction, while ZP2 is involved in adhesion to the sperm's inner acrosomal membrane (Dell et al., 1999).
Ademas la tincion con eosina/negrosina, preferiblemente en un microscopio de contraste de fase, permite evaluar el estado acrosomal de espermatozoides vivos y muertos.
Validation of an acrosomal stain for equine sperm that differentiates between living and dead sperm.