acrylic fiber

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acryl′ic fi′ber

any of the group of synthetic textile fibers, as Orlon, made by the polymerization of acrylonitrile.
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Noun1.acrylic fiber - polymerized from acrylonitrileacrylic fiber - polymerized from acrylonitrile  
man-made fiber, synthetic fiber - fiber created from natural materials or by chemical processes
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Sh- Supplying And Fixing Of Writing Board And Stainless Steel Framed Acrylic Fiber Name Plate Of Officials For Office Of The Chief Project Manager, Iit-Bhubaneswar Project In 2Nd Floor Of Nirman Bhawan, Pokhariput, Bhubaneswar.
In the United States, acrylic fiber production stopped in 2005, and in Europe it has been declining for many years.
YALOVA (CyHAN)- A fire erupted at the world's largest acrylic fiber factory, located in Yalova province near ystanbul, on Sunday.
Mitsuibishi solved the linting problem by fibrillatine or exfoliating a thick acrylic fiber to make the smaller fiber.
The restructuring losses include those from a pullout from the money-losing acrylic fiber business.
said Monday it has obtained China's approval to set up a joint venture with a Chinese firm and three Japanese trading houses to produce acrylic fiber in China's Zhejiang Province.
That was the year the company introduced the first - and still only - microdenier acrylic fiber manufactured in North America.
Dralon s manufacturing experience in acrylic fiber production, its rich brand identity, and ideal location relative to the target market make for a good strategic partner to explore the possibilities together, including conversion of an existing facility from acrylic to carbon fiber production.
The major maker of acrylic fiber, resin and optical fiber had incurred a net loss of 964 million yen the previous business year when it set aside as much as 10.
It will be the first foreign-capital-owned acrylic resin molding materials maker in China, the major acrylic fiber manufacturer said.
In a move to enhance environmental standards and energy efficiency in industrial sector of Turkey, the EBRD will provide a US$ 50 million loan to Turkish producer of acrylic fiber, Aksa Akrilik Kimya Sanayi A.
The partnership, effective immediately, expands Foss' product line of specialty polyester fibers to include both dyed and undyed acrylic fiber solutions, providing customers a single resource for a wide variety of fiber options.