acrylic fiber

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acryl′ic fi′ber

any of the group of synthetic textile fibers, as Orlon, made by the polymerization of acrylonitrile.
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Noun1.acrylic fiber - polymerized from acrylonitrileacrylic fiber - polymerized from acrylonitrile  
man-made fiber, synthetic fiber - fiber created from natural materials or by chemical processes
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Based on The Applications of Dimethylacetamide, the market is segmented into pesticides, acrylic fiber, synthetic resins, fertilizer, intermediates, catalyst, and others.
Work by Paul [15] has focused on the diffusion processes associated with acrylic fiber formation where dimethylacetamide (DMAc) was used as the polymer solvent, a PAN copolymer consisting of polyacrylonitrile-co-vinyl acetate (PAN-co-VA) at a 92.3/7.7 composition by weight, and water was used as the nonsolvent.
Zoltek entered into the large tow carbon fiber business in 1988 and acquired textile acrylic fiber facilities in Hungary and Mexico in 1996 and 2007, respectively.
and has the capacity to produce 308,000 tons of acrylic fiber per year.
He also noted that "AN and NaCN are very important chemicals for downstream diversification into acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), carbon fiber, acrylic fiber, acrylamide and others which serve various industries such as automotive, construction, water treatment, oil recovery, personal care, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, electronics, gold mining and many others.
Belarus mainly supplies Iran with acrylic fiber, metal products, trucks, tractors and potash, and buys from that country cars, automobile spare parts and components, and fruits.
Among notable gainers, Mitsubishi Rayon jumped 70 yen, or almost 26 percent, to 341 yen on reports that Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp., Japan's largest chemical company, has reached final agreement to acquire the acrylic fiber maker for about 200 billion yen.
The White Dove line has become known for the ability of its high-density acrylic fiber to carry a large quantity of paint.
Mitsuibishi solved the linting problem by fibrillatine or exfoliating a thick acrylic fiber to make the smaller fiber.
Part 1 Testing of Eluents and Extractant Part 2 TLC of Basic Dyed Acrylic Fiber Bulk Samples Part 3 TLC of Basic Dyed Acrylic Fibers of Differing Lengths
However, as Selim indicates, the rug, machine-made of acrylic fiber in Lyon or Korea, is an entirely fraudulent signifier of Algeria.