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A protein that forms the microfilaments of the eukaryotic cytoskeleton and plays an important role in cell movement, shape, and internal organization. In muscle cells, it functions with myosin to produce contraction.

[Latin āctus, motion; see act + -in.]
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(Biochemistry) a protein that participates in many kinds of cell movement, including muscle contraction, during which it interacts with filaments of a second protein, myosin
[C20: from act + -in]
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(ˈæk tən)

a protein that functions in muscular contraction by combining with myosin. Compare actomyosin.
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Noun1.actin - one of the proteins into which actomyosin can be split; can exist in either a globular or a fibrous form
actomyosin - a protein complex in muscle fibers; composed of myosin and actin; shortens when stimulated and causes muscle contractions
simple protein - a protein that yields only amino acids when hydrolyzed
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This atomic model of the actin filament provides further understanding on the positioning of this protein in the actin-tropomyosin complex and on its relationship with troponin (Gordon et al.).
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Defects of plastin-3 in the organization of actin filament bundles in bone cells may interfere the necessary conversion of mechanical signals to biochemical signals in osteoblasts and osteoclasts, thereby leading to osteoporosis [9].
To measure the mechanics of muscle myosin, the two ends of an actin filament are attached to optically trapped beads, and the actin filament is then brought into contact with a single myosin molecule fixed onto the surface of a glass pedestal.
As shown in Figure 3(a), the TJ strand (see black arrowheads in boxed area) coexisted with actin filament bundles and the neighboring endoplasmic reticulum (ER, see black asterisks).
The enzyme puts out a very large torque, considering that the actin filament is more than 100 times the length of the enzyme itself, Yoshida says.
The actomere--usually a short actin filament bundle--functions as a nucleating site that seeds the polymerization of actin filaments.
Purification and characterization of caldesmon 77: a calmodulin-binding protein that interacts with actin filament from bovine adrenal medulla.
Therefore, Chara myosin purified from the cell moves actin filament and does not change the sliding velocity by adding [Ca.sup.++] in the assay medium.