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 (ăk-tĭn′ē-ən) also ac·tin·i·a (-ə)
n. pl. ac·tin·i·ans also ac·tin·i·ae (-ē-ē′)
A sea anemone.

[New Latin Actīnia, genus name, from Greek aktīs, aktīn-, ray; see actino-.]


n, pl -tiniae (-ˈtɪnɪˌiː) or -tinias
(Animals) any sea anemone of the genus Actinia, which are common in rock pools. Also called: actinian
[C18: New Latin, literally: things having a radial structure. See actino-, -ia]
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Noun1.actinia - a genus of sea anemone common in rock poolsActinia - a genus of sea anemone common in rock pools
coelenterate genus - a genus of coelenterates
2.actinia - any sea anemone or related animalactinia - any sea anemone or related animal  
sea anemone, anemone - marine polyps that resemble flowers but have oral rings of tentacles; differ from corals in forming no hard skeleton
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Many marine animals seem to have this power of stinging: besides the Portuguese man-of-war, many jelly-fish, and the Aplysia or sea-slug of the Cape de Verd Islands, it is stated in the voyage of the Astrolabe, that an Actinia or sea-anemone, as well as a flexible coralline allied to Sertularia, both possess this means of offence or defence.
2005), including different groups of marine invertebrates such as the starfish genus, Echinaster (Tuttle & Lindahl, 1980), the anemone, Actinia equine (Linnaeus, 1767) (Quicke et al.
Hutton and Smith (1996) reported the isolation of "amoebocytes" from the mesenteric filaments (tissue including gastroderm and mesoglea) of the sea anemone Actinia equina that are capable of phagocytosis and killing gram-negative bacteria.
Estos dominios pueden ser homologos entre si (inhibidor multidominio homotipico), como en la equistatina, inhibidor aislado de la anemona Actinia equina, formado por tres dominios tipos tiroglobulinas-1 capaces de inhibir aspartico y cisteino proteasas (Lenarcic et al.
Equinatoxin II, a pore-forming toxin from the sea anemone Actinia equina, can bind to membranes and create cation-selective pores (Hong et al.
Transocean, which just last month said it had stacked two rigs of that class, said its Actinia rig would work in Myanmar at $206,000 per day, first for China's CNOOC through December, and then for Thailand's PTT Exploration and Production until May.
Anthozoa/Species Pennatula rubra Ellis, 1761 Actinia cari Delle Chiaje, 1825 Depth [less than or Fish/Species equal to]50m >50m Apogon nigripinis Cuvier, 1828 * Arnoglossus laterna Walbaum, 1792 + + Arnoglossus sp.
Genetic materials inserted into the cactus and responsible for luminescence are GFP-like proteins taken from the Pacific actinia known as Anemonia Sulcata.
Norwegian chemical transportation group Eitzen Chemical ASA announced on Tuesday (29 May) that it has signed a preliminary agreement to acquire the 40,296 dwt chemical tanker Team Actinia.
El pez logra proteccion entre la marana de tentaculos con su respectivas substancias quimicas mortales, y el pez payaso sirve de senuelo para que otros peces (no resistentes al veneno), sea por cazarlos o por disfrutar de una seguridad similar a la del pez payaso, se acerquen, convirtiendose en la comida de la actinia (ver figura 2).
But when Richet "came back to [northern] France and had no more Physalia to study, I hit upon the idea of studying actinia, [the sea anemone], which can be obtained in large quantities on all the rocky shores of Europe.