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 (ăk-tĭn′ō-mī-kō′sĭs, ăk′tə-nō-)
An inflammatory disease of cattle, hogs, humans, and other mammals, caused by actinomyces and characterized by lumpy tumors of the mouth, neck, chest, and abdomen. Also called lumpy jaw.

ac·tin′o·my·cot′ic (-kŏt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.actinomycotic - of or related to actinomycosis infection
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Actinomycotic "sulfur granules" composed of numerous filamentous organisms with a dark granular center (hematoxylineosin, original magnification X100).
The most characteristic feature of the disease is that bacteria group together to form conglomerates resembling the sulfur granules of actinomycotic infection.[5] The common predisposing factors include trauma to the skin and immunocompromised states.[6] The present case also has a history of trauma 1 year before the first episode of the disease.
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These actinomycotic granules composed of an internal tangle of mycelia fragments and a rosette of peripheral clubs, stabilized by a protein-polysaccharide complex, are supposed to provide a resistance mechanism to host defenses by inhibiting phagocytosis.
On gross examination, it was a solid mass mimicking a malignant lesion, but microscopy revealed actinomycotic colonies.
The diagnosis is typically made on the basis of the presence of the actinomycotic colonies during surgical procedures and/or after histopathological examinations (9).
In India, actinomycotic mycetoma is prevalent in south India, southeast Rajasthan and Chandigarh; while eumycetoma is mainly reported from north India and central Rajasthan.
This may occur via contiguous or haematogenous spread from an actinomycotic focus.6 Although disease involving the spine has been reported more commonly with A.
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