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Noun1.action spectrum - the efficiency with which electromagnetic radiation produces a photochemical reaction plotted as a function of the wavelength of the radiation
spectrum - an ordered array of the components of an emission or wave
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where A([lambda]) is the dimensionless action spectrum for erythema which, by convention, is normalized to 1.0 at its maximum (McKinlay & Diffey 1987).
The most accurate method to specify germicidal power requires first knowing the specific pathogen to be inactivated and then determining its action spectrum (or the pathogen's unique profile of sensitivity by wavelength to a light source).
The action spectrum for bacteria is commonly reported as 265-267 nm peak wavelength, although wavelength susceptibility may vary among the large number of bacterial and viral strains.
The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) spectral damage function (SDF), which provides a way to characterize the potential of a light source to damage materials and includes a coefficient to tailor the action spectrum to various types of materials, illustrates that LED products carry no greater risk than do other sources of the same CCT.
The educator UV checker is broadband, detects both UVA and UVB and then calculates the UVI and UV irradiance through averaging the reading of the various wavelengths according to the Erythemal Action Spectrum.
is the global spectral irradiance and is the action spectrum for erytema proposed by CIE and defined by McKinley and Diffey (1987).
Cosensitization broadens the photocurrent action spectrum covering the visible domain at 350-500 nm.
A reference action spectrum for ultraviolet induced erythema in human skin.
We convened the average daily scandard erythemal dose (SED; a UV dose weighted by the erythemal action spectrum, so that it is independent of the spectral output of the source and the individual's skin type; 1 SED = 100 J/ [m.sup.2] ) lor each season to standard vitamin [D.sub.3] doses (SVDs) relative to the horizontal plane using action spectrum conversion factors (ASCFs; Pope et al.
were [[lambda].sub.1] = 400nm and [[lambda].sub.2] = 800nm, K [([lambda])] is the coefficient which is determined from the action spectrum of photosynthesis as the ratio of the rates of photosynthesis at wavelength [lambda] and at wavelength 680nm, at which the rate of photosynthesis is maximal.
Erythemal UV radiation is defined as UV-B irradiance weighted by the action spectrum for human erythema (sunburn).
Advantages for plant researchers over existing T12 and T5 fluorescent systems include energy savings up to 70 and 50 percent, respectively, greater average PPF tailored to the photosynthetic action spectrum, improved horizontal and vertical light uniformity, a dimmable ballast to adjust PPF output to 50 percent of maximum without uniformity or spectral degradation, and a 30,000-hour rated lamp life.

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