active application

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: application - an application that is currently running and in the foregroundactive application - an application that is currently running and in the foreground
application program, applications programme, application - a program that gives a computer instructions that provide the user with tools to accomplish a task; "he has tried several different word processing applications"
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If any packet with the active application executes beyond the predicted time in other nodes, the packet is identified as the malicious packet and it is killed.
Stuart Downie, from Northumberland Business Services Ltd, working in partnership with Business Link North-East, helped guide the Soccer Active application through the grant process.
Associate membership in the AAGO and Active application registration with the Tier Chairman.
Finally, Whitehead stated that the age of generalization "is the stage of shedding details in favour of the active application of principles, the details retreating into subconscious habits." (5) His stage of generalization is depicted by Bloom's third phase of learning applied to concert pianists, during which the emphasis is on creativity, individuality and making music personal.
The longer an active application's data is suspended, the longer it takes to reactivate the data, which also impacts performance.
Initially these efforts will target the most active application areas such as healthcare, security and the retail supply chain."
Effective learning requires not only acquisition but also active application of knowledge, skills, and processes.
In the active application, hold down Command and double click on a background window's title bar to collapse it without making it active.
With progress so far hampered by technical and pricing issues, Bluetooth is starting to blossom into a number of active application markets.
Perhaps the most intriguing development is knowledge management (KM), which relates to cultivating and drawing on tacit knowledge; fostering information sharing among employees; finding new and better ways to make fresh, pertinent information available when and where needed; and fostering the active application of knowledge for the strategic advantage of the organization.(4) Like the dramatic rise of information policy, the advent of knowledge management is in part a reaction to the need to manage the avalanche of digital information and an acknowledgment of the power of information to support institutional objectives.
The trouble with most of today's Macs and PCs is that the active application is usually in front of the inactive applications - those in the background.

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