active matrix screen

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: matrix screen - a type of LCD screen used for some portable computersactive matrix screen - a type of LCD screen used for some portable computers; there is a separate circuit for each pixel
LCD, liquid crystal display - a digital display that uses liquid crystal cells that change reflectivity in an applied electric field; used for portable computer displays and watches etc.
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While the 480x800 active matrix screen isn't the biggest on the market, colours are vivid, and the blacks deep and dark.
This line includes the X-174 with a 17.4-inch TFT active matrix screen at 1280x1024 dpi, with an estimated retail street price of $999.
If you will be using a laptop for presentations you will need a very clear and crisp TFT active matrix screen.
The second is a Solo 1200XL notebook with 12.1-inch XGA resolution, active matrix screen, 850MHz mobile Intel Celeron chip, 192MB of memory, a 10GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive and built-in wireless and wired Ethernet networking is also included.
Micro Express introduces a desktop-replacement high-performance multimedia notebook PC with a brilliant 15.1-inch SXGA TFT active matrix screen, a DVD drive and an internal 10/100 Ethernet interface.
The Micro Express NP2650 is a value-priced, high-performance multimedia notebook with a 15.1" active matrix screen and an internal 10/100 Ethernet interface.