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The actual sin is sending poor Bragelonne to the wars; and to wars in which death is so very likely to be met with." Louise pressed her hand over her icy brow.
The actual sin is not hypocrisy, but misconception.
Mas aun, tengase en cuenta que el pensamiento de orden superior es actual sin ser la actualizacion de una creencia disposicional previa, pues, al ser un pensamiento acerca de un estado mental actual, no puede ser la actualizacion de una creencia disposicional previa acerca de ese estado.
This clashes with my own views (which may offer up their own acts of blindness and assumption) that Chillingworth becomes an ungodly fiend in his own eyes as well as the reader's, and that Dimmesdale remains a hypocrite to the end, declaring himself from the scaffold after his Election Sermon to be the worst sinner of all, thus transforming his particular "sin" into another Calvinist and allegorical stereotype of humankind in general rather than admitting to the actual sin of adultery.
But for Kierkegaard, Mahn argues, what is fortunate is not actual sin but possible sin (3), as it is a condition of authentic faith.