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Noun1.actualisation - making real or giving the appearance of reality
creating by mental acts - the act of creating something by thinking
objectification - the act of representing an abstraction as a physical thing
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Summary: Achieving self actualisation but it helps you become the best version of yourself
She said the chamber would ensure the actualisation of its plans to remove the trade barriers between both countries toward expanding trade and commercial ties, jobs and wealth creation.
Later on, the actualisation of the trainings is also checked by the PHC through inspections.
Concernant les objectifs de cette actualisation du niveau de la garantie, il s'agit d'instaurer et de conforter la relation de confiance du deposant vis-a-vis du secteur bancaire et d'insuffler une dynamique a l'inclusion financiere'', detaillent-ils.
He argues for a plurality of values that are united not by their relation to a common value-maker, but by the relationship between their normativity and creative actualisation. All values are teleological in that they point toward what will be if they are actualised.
"Il n'y a pas de desaccord entre les Six (France, Etats-Unis, Russie, Allemagne, Grande-Bretagne, Chine) sur la necessite d'actualiser l'offre faite a l'Iran a l'automne 2009, et il n'y pas de desaccord non plus sur le principe et les parametres de cette actualisation", a souligne le service de communication du Quai d'Orsay, sans preciser ces derniers.
Development has focused on the levels--mostly dividing Maslow's by, for example, splitting Esteem into 'recognition' and 'self-esteem' or separating 'cognitive' and 'aesthetic' levels from Self Actualisation. Indeed, Maslow himself added 'transcendence' as a final level--supporting others in achieving Self-Actualisation.