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n. pl. ac·tu·ar·ies
A statistician who computes insurance risks and premiums.

[Latin āctuārius, secretary of accounts, from ācta, records, from neuter pl. past participle of agere, to drive, do; see ag- in Indo-European roots.]

ac′tu·ar′i·al (-âr′ē-əl) adj.
ac′tu·ar′i·al·ly adv.


(ˌæk tʃuˈɛər i əl)
1. of or pertaining to actuaries.
2. computed by actuaries: actuarial tables.
ac`tu•ar′i•al•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.actuarial - of or relating to the work of an actuaryactuarial - of or relating to the work of an actuary


A. ADJactuarial
B. CPD actuarial tables NPLtablas fpl actuariales


[ˌæktʃuˈɛəriəl] adjactuariel(le)


adj (Insur) → versicherungsmathematisch, versicherungsstatistisch
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Illinois State University senior Mark Murdoch, an actuarial science major from Wheaton is a recipient of the prestigious Curtis Huntington Memorial Scholarship from the Actuarial Foundation.
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"Along with the other conditions, the actuarial firm should have carried out the actuarial valuation of at least 10 funds in the immediately preceding 5 financial years and out of which at least 2 of the funds should have had the minimum fund size of 5000 crore," it said
Risk management and insurance Health care management (graduate level only) Actuarial science
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He served as the senior actuarial advisor and chief commercial actuary for CMS on various commercial insurance and ACA initiatives, including risk adjustment, health policy, insurance programs and insurance oversight activities.