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tr.v. ac·tu·at·ed, ac·tu·at·ing, ac·tu·ates
1. To put into motion or action; activate: electrical relays that actuate the elevator.
2. To cause to take action: a speech that actuated dissenters.

[Medieval Latin āctuāre, āctuāt-, from Latin āctus, act; see act.]

ac′tu·a′tion n.
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Adj.1.actuating - causing motion or action or changeactuating - causing motion or action or change  
causative - producing an effect; "poverty as a causative factor in crime"
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Once the actuating point is reached, the switch commutes from its ON1 position to its ON2 position and causes the specified process to initiate.
So we can directly and independently change an actuating current of magnetic field of damper, Fig.1.
This eliminates the need for an additional seal or an associated wiring termination box, creating an integrated and more cost-effective option to actuating the valve assembly.
Items are dispensed by an actuating mechanism that removes the bottom item from the vertical stack individually based on order requirements.
Compressed air passes through an adjustable flow control valve, actuating an air cylinder, and feeds out 6" (150mm) of tag stock.
Pneumatic actuating systems for automatic equipment; structure and design.