acute pyelonephritis

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Noun1.acute pyelonephritis - pyelonephritis resulting from the spread of a bladder infectionacute pyelonephritis - pyelonephritis resulting from the spread of a bladder infection
pyelonephritis - inflammation of the kidney and its pelvis caused by bacterial infection
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Although the trial wasn't statistically powered to demonstrate noninferiority of oral treatment, compared with sequential intravenous/oral treatment, the findings confirm those of prior studies and support the use of oral antibiotics for primary acute pyelonephritis (APN) in this population, Dr.
A total of 80 children with acute pyelonephritis were enrolled in this study.
Nabriva Therapeutics believes these attributes, along with the positive clinical experience worldwide, support CONTEPO as an early appropriate treatment for cUTIs, including acute pyelonephritis, suspected to be caused by MDR pathogens.
Severe AEs were reported in one (33%) patient during placebo dosing (acute pyelonephritis) and one (5%) patient after lumasiran dosing (kidney stone); none were considered related to study drug by investigator.
In study by Nammalwar et al, 68 children with UTI, 92.9% had features of acute pyelonephritis in the DMSA done during acute episode of infection, of these 82.1% had VUR.
Acute pyelonephritis (APN) refers to any inflammation affecting the renal interstitium.
Prompt antibiotic treatment of acute pyelonephritis in infants and young children had no significant effect on preventing subsequent renal scarring, data from two prospective, randomized, controlled trials of 287 children showed.
The primary outcome was a complicated course UTI, defined as an episode of acute pyelonephritis or prostatitis, and recurrent cystitis.
Reflux predisposes children to acute pyelonephritis; reflux plus infection leads to reflux nephropathy and ultimately to renal scarring.
In July 2019, held a Type A meeting with the FDA to discuss the CRL for the New Drug Application (NDA) seeking marketing approval for CONTEPO (fosfomycin) for injection for the treatment of cUTI, including acute pyelonephritis.
Achaogen announced that the New England Journal of Medicine has published the results from the Phase 3 EPIC study of Zemdri The publication describes the efficacy and safety of Zemdri in adult patients with complicated urinary tract infections, or cUTI, including acute pyelonephritis. The Phase 3 EPIC clinical trial was the first multicenter, multinational, randomized, double-blind and controlled study of once-daily aminoglycoside therapy for the treatment of cUTI, including acute pyelonephritis.

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