acute renal failure

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Noun1.acute renal failure - renal failure associated with burns or other trauma or with acute infection or obstruction of the urinary tractacute renal failure - renal failure associated with burns or other trauma or with acute infection or obstruction of the urinary tract
kidney failure, renal failure - inability of the kidneys to excrete wastes and to help maintain the electrolyte balance
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The contract in this procedure for the award of a public contract dialysis fluid supply concentrates to conduct hemodialysis and substitute fluids used in acute renal failure in quantity, range and requirements set out in Annex 6 to the ToR.
The report " Acute Renal Failure (ARF) (Acute Kidney Injury) - Pipeline Review, H1 2015" provides comprehensive information on the therapeutic development for Acute Renal Failure (ARF) (Acute Kidney Injury).
30) Multivariate analysis identified two independent risk factors for acute renal failure in the under-3-month group (nadir CD4 count below 100 cells/[mm.
Acute renal failure in malaria is usually oliguric (<400 ml/day) or anuric (<50 ml/day) but urine output may be normal or increased.
I was told I had acute renal failure and my kidney function had started to shut down.
Acute renal failure is a sudden, sharp decline in renal function caused by toxins or conditions resulting in tissue hypoxia.
Ceftriaxone, an antiobiotic, has been reported to cause biliary pseudolithiasis and nephrolithiasis, but postrenal acute renal failure was rarely reported in the past.
After adjusting their results for various differing characteristics such as age, disease, and other medications, the researchers found that pre-operative aspirin was associated with a significant decrease in the incidence of post-operative kidney failure: acute renal failure occurred in 86 out of 2247 patients taking aspirin, and in 65 out of 972 patients not taking it.
Wheelchair-bound Eric Rumble, 78, from Old Roan, died on Christmas Eve 2008 of acute renal failure and dehydration after he was admitted to Fazakerley hospital with a broken leg.
Although admittance may be for a specific treatment such as induction chemotherapy or surgery, adverse events such as central venous catheter infections and treatment-related complications such as tumor lysis syndrome, febrile neutropeni a (FN), or acute renal failure can result in significantly prolonged hospitalizations.

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