acute-angled triangle

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Noun1.acute-angled triangle - a triangle whose interior angles are all acuteacute-angled triangle - a triangle whose interior angles are all acute
triangle, trigon, trilateral - a three-sided polygon
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If all the angles of a triangle are less than 90[degrees], it is naturally called an acute-angled triangle. If one of the angles of the triangle is greater than 90[degrees], it is called an obtuse-angled triangle.
The shape of the Circinus constellation resembles a long, acute-angled triangle with Alpha Circini pointing SW Beta and Gamma Circini completes the shape of the image, approximately 7 degrees NW.
To the west, roads restricted the site to an acute-angled triangle. The height had to be no greater than that of the National Romantic Hankkija building that terminates Kamppi, while the massing had to respect the Parliament building.