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n. Chemistry
An organic group having the general formula RCO-, derived from an organic acid.

[ac(id) + -yl.]


1. (Chemistry) (modifier) of, denoting, or containing the monovalent group of atoms RCO-, where R is an organic group: acyl group or radical; acyl substitution.
2. (Elements & Compounds) an organometallic compound in which a metal atom is directly bound to an acyl group
[C20: from acid + -yl]


(ˈæs ɪl, -il)

the univalent group RCO–, where R is any organic group attached to one bond of the carbonyl group.
[1895–1900; < German]
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Noun1.acyl - any group or radical of the form RCO- where R is an organic group; "an example of the acyl group is the acetyl group"
acetyl, acetyl group, acetyl radical, ethanoyl group, ethanoyl radical - the organic group of acetic acid (CH3CO-)
chemical group, radical, group - (chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule
foryml - (chemistry) the negative univalent acyl radical CHO that occurs in aldehydes
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Acyl expressed full support to the geological cooperation, considered one of the most important and urgent needs to understand mineral-resources potential in Africa and its sustainable development.
brasiliensis which shows almost 60 % homology in its amino acid sequence to the patatin from potato tuber also exhibits a nonspecific lipid acyl hydrolase activity [3] that catalyze the cleavage of fatty acids from membrane lipids including phospholipids, lysophospholipids, galactolipids, and mono and diacylglycerols.
Similarly as in the very low-esterified MERO-CMC derivative (23), only the carbon peak substituted by acyl groups (C6e) at 65.
Because decreasing of acyl ghrelin and/or GHS-R1a, and overexpression of des-acyl ghrelin show benefits in the therapy of obesity and metabolic syndrome (Chen et al.
Together, these results suggest C8g has the potential to bind acyl chains on phospholipids and thus may contribute directly to the cytolytic activity of the MAC.
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Crude extracts (aerial parts and roots, both dried), methylenedioxyflavonol, and a mixture of acyl steryl glycosides isolated from BLUTAPARON portulacoides, were assayed for their toxicity against Trypanosoma cruzi trypomastigotes and Leishmania amazonensis amastigotes from axenic cultures.
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To achieve this aim, we will advance chemical acyl transfer and alkylidene transfer reactions.
Lors du [beaucoup moins que] Davos africain [beaucoup plus grand que] organise la semaine derniere au Cap, la commissaire au commerce de l'Union africaine (UA), la Tchadienne Fatima Haram Acyl, a declare que [beaucoup moins que] l'Afrique va surprendre le monde [beaucoup plus grand que].
In addition to its essential role in permitting mitochondrial import and oxidation of long chain fatty acids, carnitine also functions as an acyl group acceptor that facilitates mitochondrial export of excess carbons in the form of acylcarnitines.
Luca Picone-Chiodo, who was at high risk of having MCAD (Medium-chain acyl CoA dehydrogenase) a genetic condition that affects the metabolism, died at his family home in Huddersfield on October 16, 2009.