ad astra per aspera

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ad a•stra per a•spe•ra

(ɑd ˈɑ strɑ pɛr ˈɑ spɛˌrɑ; Eng., æd ˈæs trə pər ˈæs pər ə)
to the stars through difficulties.
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This year, hundreds of InLife agents and agency leaders nationwide who performed outstandingly in 2018 received awards in various categories, during the celebration called 'Ad Astra per Aspera (to the stars through hardship).'
Doy Lucenario is a shinning example of an outstanding diplomat - from the trenches ad astra per aspera (to the stars).
Ad astra per aspera. ("Through hardships to the stars")
The millionaire entrepreneur also posted a poignant picture of a Virgin spaceship with the Latin phrase: "Ad astra per aspera" - which means, 'a rough road leads to the stars.'.
Called Ad Astra from the state motto, "Ad astra per aspera" ("to the stars through difficulties"), the statue was selected to honor the state's American Indian heritage.
"Last time the festival blew everyone away and this year it's much bigger." The other three Brilliant commissions are: Ad Astra Per Aspera (through hardship to the stars) made by artists Verity Quinn and Bethan Maddocks, inspired by miners' banners; Global Curiosity Shop, Paul Goodfellow's work using 3D technology; and Rainbow, an installation on Prebends Bridge by Newcastle design studio Deadgood.
"Ad Astra per Aspera," the state motto of Kansas, is Latin for "To the Stars Through Difficulties" and exemplifies the pioneer spirit of state corrections professionals undertaking the task of creating a new juvenile justice system.
AD ASTRA PER ASPERA. When Bishop Prudencio Andaya Jr.