ad hocism

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ad hoc·ism

also ad-hoc·ism  (ăd hŏk′ĭz-əm, hō′kĭz-)
The tendency to establish temporary, chiefly improvisational policies and procedures to deal with specific problems.
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President Trump's foreign policy has so far been characterised by ad hocism and transactional relations with individual foreign leaders.
The extension and ad hocism in the appointments of leadership at HEC and VCs have adversely affected progress of higher education in Pakistan .
This sluggish development could be attributed mostly to capital constraints, an underdeveloped bond market, directionless bank support for infrastructure construction and ad hocism in fiscal management.
Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (FAPUASA) has demanded for end of extension and culture of ad hocism in higher education sector and appointment of new Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Vice Chancellors through open, competitive and merit based mechanism.
As a result, the HEC was resorting to ad hocism in taking policy decisions.
Surprisingly, an analysis based on these two prisms lead to an assessment arguing more for continuity than change, less drama than fireworks and more professionalism than ad hocism in US-Southeast Asia relations.
But as the euro comes under greater strain and the Schengen guarantees of border-free travel --the EU's most popular achievement -- become more tentative, it's worth wondering just how much ad hocism and decentralisation the union can take.
Now the time of ad hocism is over; only those people should be inducted into journalistic jobs who have the requisite education as well as the right aptitude.
action, explained The New York Times in a recent leak calculated to counteract the impression of a foreign policy of clueless ad hocism, is a major strategic idea: Containment.
Government decision-making is still characterized by ad hocism and brinkmanship - pursuing a dangerous course to the brink of catastrophe.
Some reforms would have to been introduced in the tax recovery system, he said and added , instead of ad hocism a permanent solution of the issue will have to be evolved.