ad hocism

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ad hoc·ism

also ad-hoc·ism  (ăd hŏk′ĭz-əm, hō′kĭz-)
The tendency to establish temporary, chiefly improvisational policies and procedures to deal with specific problems.
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Ad-hocism must be brought to an end and a coherent policy should be formulated in order to ensure induction in government departments on merit.
The governance of the cricket board is now in tatters with the CoA, which was supposed to clean up Indian cricket, making a mess of things with their indecision and ad-hocism.
LAHORE -- Ad-hocism seems to be at its peak in the province as 11 public sector universities and the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) have been working without regular heads for the last two and a half years creating academic and administrative issues.
On the other hand ad-hocism is the order of the day at the Capital Development Authority (CDA).
The prime minister observed that the economy, especially the trade and industrial development suffered in the past due to ad-hocism and unpredictability of tariff structure resulting in capture of the economy by vested interests and rampant corruption.
He deplored that activities of research, production and development were totally ignored while the departments were run on basis of ad-hocism by the past regimes.
It will be the second mini-budget by the PTI government after presenting the first one in September this year, suggesting ad-hocism in economic policymaking.
She said whatever happened in the past was due to the policies based on ad-hocism which prevented the country from local manufacturing and also no attention was paid to promote local industry.
Labour leader Taj Haider, talking to APP, said that the government and the non-govermental organizations (NGOs) were least interested in eradicating child labour from the country, adding the government departments were working on ad-hocism. He said cosmetic steps were being taken regarding child labour while concrete efforts were required to overcome this menace.
There is also ad-hocism and indecisiveness with matters not being taken to their logical end despite inter-ministerial meetings, said the sources.
As the title suggests, Arif Ali Khan Abbasi minced no words in criticizing interference in the running of the game and came down hard on ad-hocism that is a bane for the progress of cricket in Pakistan.