ad vs. add

What is the difference between ad and add?

Ad is an informal shortening of the word advertisement, and it always functions as a noun. For example:
  • “I saw a really funny ad on TV the other day.”
  • “All these ads on the website are a little annoying, but I guess they have to make money somehow.”
(Ad can also function as a shortening of the word advantage when talking about tennis, but this is a much more specific usage.)
Add, on the other hand, is not a shortening of anything; it is a verb meaning “to combine, join, or unite,” as in:
  • “So, we simply add the two figures to find our result.”
  • “We are delighted to add you to our rapidly expanding team.”
  • “I’d like to add my thoughts on the matter, if I may.”

Spelling Tricks and Tips

Just remember that when you add something, you must add two Ds together.
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